Zef Marcelo X Tae 2one5

Tae is a vocalist out of Philadelphia who is one of the 4 members of project 2one5. Project 2one5 is a group of Philadelphians who have been performing together since 2015. They recorded first as M.T.B., and in 2017 released an album, It’s Meant to Be. They subsequently changed their name to Project 2ONE5 and signed with L.A. Reid‘s HITCO label the following year.

Versions of XXXTentacion‘s “Changes” and Teyana Taylor‘s “Hold On” effectively stirred up interest through social media and led to the group’s commercial HITCO debut with “Sexaholix” in March 2019.

Watch Tae give us a taste of his vocals in this awesome a capella performance!

Zef Marcelo is also an artist from Philadelphia who continues to ride the wave of his new album “Rockstar 2”

Zef is known for having great energy which helps him deliver his fast and exciting bars. Zeff has caught the attention of music mogul @teefybey and does not plan at slowing down anytime soon.

Now you can watch how Zef did this time!

I let Zef and Tae ask me some questions for a change. Check it out!!

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