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My name is Erik Coombs and I am a Sophomore at Temple University studying Media Studies and Production.

In my Professional Career, I have taken every opportunity to be creative. I created Deep Streets Media as a platform so I could publish all the stuff I was creating both personally and in the workplace.

Through DSM, I started to meet a-lot of new people and learned that my true talent is in media marketing. As a result, Deep Streets Media turned into something much more than a page on instagram, it turned into a movement where people could come could come together and create.

“Far too often does talent go un-noticed, I just want to give a platform to those people who don’t normally get a voice”

Erik Coombs on The Philly 60

I would not have been able to make DSM what is today without the support of my friends. I am proud of the fact that I can surround myself with creatives and we can all work together towards a common goal.

I am skilled in video production, photography and design however my greatest strength is in building connections. I want to make my skills and knowledge available to anyone who would like to collaborate!

It is important for me to build lasting relationships with each person I meet. My main goal with Deep Streets Media is to open a new way to get involved in emergent media! We are constantly looking for more people to help!

You can contact me here if you would like to get involved in DSM, or send me a text if you just want to be friends!

Also, feel free to checkout my resumé!

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