My name is Nick Tuverson and I am a Sophomore Advertising Major at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication.

Last year I partnered with my current business partner, Erik Coombs, and began pushing Deep Streets Media to where it is today.

Through the art of networking I have had the pleasure of working with some emerging stars, big name artists, and many different people in the industry. Some of which include Dave East, Yvng Swag, Mr. Swipey, Dyl Rhodes, Yellow Zoo and Project 2one5.

I began shooting for Deep Streets Media’s The Philly 60 and have done other work partnered with Route Runna Management.

I am skilled in photography, advertising and writing.

DSM, for me, is a space where I can be creative and help others be creative as well. Art and Music are one in the same, DSM has helped me weave the two together.

If you looking to link up and do work please contact me via:

Phone: 610-213-0549

Instagram: @DSM_Nickk

Stay blessed y’all!

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