My name is Dennis Tate-Lajeunesse

I’m 23-years-old from Doylestown, PA.  I am a writer, producer, artist, musician, entrepreneur and designer. I studied Music Production for 3 years at Temple University in Philadelphia. 

I joined DSM as a creative design partner to help cultivate creativity while aligning with DSM’s vision of innovation and precision. I assist in event planning and focus on how to spread the brand’s message in a strong, smooth, professional way. 

Faith Over Diamonds, my personal brand is a collaborative brainchild that uses braille as a three dimensional expresser of art. Using music, visuals and writing, it has the ability to be seen, heard and appreciated in a multitude of applications and is not limited to just one creative space. My music is alternative, lofi, and dark trap.

My ultimate goal is to take trap into more of a songwriter’s space with minimalist production that relies on crafting a story and creating a message.

Professionally, I have worked for Sounds Like Soma in South Philly as a producer and bringing in my own content to work on. There I have met different types of artists with different brands that have inspired me to branch out into new, alternative creative spaces and craft a vision unlike anything ever done before. 

“DSM will be bigger than music”

-Dennis Tate-Lajeunesse

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