My name is BRDG (pronounced Bridge) and I am a senior at Temple University.

I am a producer, musician, and artist in every perceived way. I started my company BRDG Productions as a means of spreading my love of music to the world. 

My goal in music has always been to bring people out of the moment their in and immerse them in my world. I have worked with XXL, Defjam, and i work as an in-house producer/writer for Hypefresh Magazine. With aspirations that can’t be measured I know that Deep Street Media can get me there. 

“Be Real Die Great” – BRDG

We are nothing if we are not true to ourselves. We can not be true to ourselves if we don’t follow our dreams. And our dreams can’t come to life if we don’t take any risks and trust me when I say I’m ready to risk it all. 

I am skilled in audio production, writing and creative direction. Only thing I ask of anyone looking to work with me is that your mind is open and your gear is on DRIVE!

If you want to get to know me further or if you’re ready to go to work you can email or call me at the following:


(202) 550-4732

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