BOSS MAN – Rich The Kid Review

Rich The Kid’s third 19 track studio album titled “BOSS MAN”, released by Rich Forever Music and Republic Records, was an album I was waiting on for a while. While I’m not the biggest fan of Rich’s complete discography, songs like Splashin’, Plug Walk, New Freezer, Woah and Racks Today have become some of my all time favorites across hip-hop. I was going into this project expecting your average Rich the Kid project. Good trap and R&B production on his tracks with Rich’s cartoonish voice creating catchy melodies. BOSS MAN’s opening song was out of left field. Forcing me to erase all his previous projects from my memory and listen to this work with a clean slate. This album was overshadowed by releases by Lil Uzi Vert and The Weeknd. Here are my opinions on some tracks off the album. I did skip a couple songs because I didn’t feel like they added to the album.

Far From You – Rich The Kid (prod. Austin Powerz & Reske)

  • This is the song I mentioned in my opening. Far from home begins with someone flicking a lighter probably sparking a wood. Accompanied by a piano melody and vocal sample Rich then enters with his first verse talking about his doubters and praying for better days. Implying that Rich’s come up was far from smooth. He name drops Kevin Gates in the first verse, paying respects to his 2014 hit “I Don’t Get Tired”. He then shows his displeasure with the labels in the industry. Saying “That n***** gave away his soul, he signed the last page.” Meaning signing to a label could be like selling your soul to the devil. Labels have been a controversial issue in the Rap industry for a while. Mostly for limiting artist freedom and when they can or can’t release music to their fans. Even with these lyrics of course Rich has to flaunt his new found wealth and success, a theme we see throughout this project. This song was one of my favorites off the album because it doesn’t sound like a typical Rich The Kid song. It also has a bag undertone at least making me listen closer to the lyrics. 
Far From You video by Cole Bennett

Stuck Together – Rich The Kid(Ft. Lil Baby) [prod. Dre Moon & DY Krazy]

  • Music Mogul, Zane Lowe, has always said the second track off an album decides whether a listener will actually lock in to the project. Rich’s second song samples Dreamville’s Costa Rica for the beat. Along with a great Lil Baby feature, Rich and Baby kill it on this track. While this isn’t a banger, it’s perfect to listen to with a group of friends during a pre game or kick back. The two heavyweights have a call and response through the whole track. Matching each other’s flows, for the most part, allows this song to succeed. They rap with confidence throughout the whole song making for a great second song off the project. 

Ray Charles – Rich The Kid (Prod. Rich The Kid & Beat by Jeff)

  • Ray Charles is the third track on the project paying homage to the famous late pianist and singer. The track opens with a catchy trumpet sample. Two lines off this song that stuck out to me were: “I don’t see y’all n*****s like a blind man” and “In the trap, hit ’em with the frying pan He ain’t got no heart like the Iron Man.” The first bar plays into the title of the song because Ray Charles was in fact blind. Also implying that Rich is in his own lane and the people doing work around him are invisible. Then the Iron Man bar was really clever. The Marvel superhero famously does not have a heart. Rich compares people with no heart to the superhero. This line made me rewind the song the first time I heard it and made me laugh. Very solid third song.

Sick – Rich The Kid (ft. DaBaby) [Prod. 1Mind & Smash David]

  • This song was forgettable even with a DaBaby feature. Rich also gave an average verse on this track. The only plus to the song was the beat. The kicks accompanying what sounds like an electric piano is hard and sets an ominous mood. DaBaby’s verse was mids. He used the trademark DaBaby flow making it sound like he wasn’t even trying on the song. This is another example of a bad DaBaby feature on someone else’s track. This is a skip for me on what could have been a dope track, but ended up with a wasted feature.

Not Sorry – Rich The Kid (ft. Nicki Minaj) [Prod. Smash David]

  • This track begins with Nicki Minaj saying “Rich The Ken and Barbie”. Barbie being Nicki’s moniker on her Instagram was an intentional comparison to the popular Ken and Barbie kids toys. Rich keeps the barbie idea at the beginning of the chorus and ends it with a funny Maury name drop. The first verse by Rich was hard. Nicki’s verse didn’t really make me feel a specific way. Other than the imagery of her ass, there wasn’t anything special in this feature other than a catchy flow. 

Red – Rich The Kid (Prod. Beat By Jeff)

  • Red was a single dropped by Rich a few weeks back so I won’t go into it that much. This is one of the few party bangers off the album in my opinion. Great beat by Beats by Jeff, who has been one of the standouts from this album.

V12 – Rich The Kid (Ft. Post Malone) [Prod. Post Malone]

  • V12 is a slapper. Post Malone’s feature on this song is top tier. Also the song is produced by Post and the track goes hard. My favorite bar off the track was by Rich saying “Walk around with two chains like I’m Tity Boy.” This line pays respect to 2 Chainz who famously went by Tity Boi early on in his career before rebranding himself to his current name. Rich also flaunts his wealth a lot on this track, I mean the chorus is V6 or V12 so obviously it’s a more braggadocious track. 

Depend On Me – Rich The Kid (Ft. Lil Tjay) [Prod. Marcel Korkutata and Murda Beatz]

  • This track Rich talks about all the people who depend on him now that he made it big. The Murda Beatz instrumental is hard and the feature by Lil Tjay adds some variance to the album. At this point the album was getting a little stale, but we gotta power through regardless. 

Easy – Rich The Kid (prod. CuBeatz and AXL Beats)

  • Rich has a rapid fire flow on this track riding the flow of the instrumental to perfection in my opinion. There isn’t much substance to this track but was up there as one of my favorites off the album. He has high energy, which I think is where Rich finds a lot of success. 

You – Rich The Kid (Prod. Tenroc and KC Supreme)

  • You, much like Far From You, is another slower bag song off the project. The filtered guitar melody in the instrumental is played in a key that makes your mood go down. Interesting look into Rich’s need for love and a woman. Rich is saying he has the perfect idea of a woman in his mind and he’s ready to do or spend whatever is needed to get or find her. Much like Far From You this doesn’t really sound like a Rich The Kid song.

Racks On (Ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) [Prod. DY Krazy and Beat By Jeff]

  • Racks On is the first feature from YoungBoy, who has seen wild success in the past few years. One thing about YoungBoy that I appreciate a lot is how he distributes his music. A lot is dropped on YouTube for free and doesn’t make his fans listen through a streaming platform they have to pay for. Also YouTube allows for ad revenue on top of pay per view meaning he’s making more money off music he would only release on streaming. Which is why his spot on Racks On fits perfectly. 

I Want Mo – Rich The Kid & London on da Track (Prod. Carter Lang, Westen Weiss, VanRiper and London on da Track)

  • London on da Track kills the instrumental for this track. It’s bouncy and makes you vibe, partnered with Rich’s flow pair well to create a slapper. He references Kodak Black’s internet meme “lemme drive da boat” in the chorus which made me instantly like the song. Up there for one of the best off the entire project. Rich talks about wanting more even though he has already made it in many people’s eyes. This isn’t enough for the young artist. HE WANTS MORE. 

That’s Tuff (ft. Quavo) [Prod. Mario Peterson, LNKmusic and Dee Money]

  • That’s Tuff is basically a track where Rich and Quavo flex on all of us. They talk about their Baguettes and Rolls-Royces. The pair used to live together before they were famous trapping out of abandoned houses, but now both are rich looking back on their past. It’s a solid Quavo spot on the album and gives great name recognition on the track. My only thing is the chorus got a little annoying after a few listens.

Money Talk – Rich The Kid (Ft. YoungBoy Never Broke Again) [Prod. DY Krazy]

  • The final track off the project was a single already released by the pair. It is one of the most memorable songs off the album. YoungBoy gives a great hook and the acoustic guitar instrumental pairs incredibly well with the duo. The song is carried by YoungBoy in my opinion. Rich doesn’t have a very strong verse, but it isn’t bad by any means. 

All in all, BOSS MAN was a solid project. Other than some lackluster features by DaBaby and Nicki Minaj the project had some top tier appearances by YoungBoy, Lil Baby, Post Malone and Quavo. While there aren’t many songs that will be mainstream hits, fans of trap music will like this album. Rich tries new ideas on this album, like the intro track, which work very well. I would be interested to see a R&B EP by Rich because he showcases his singing on BOSS MAN and it sounds good. The production on the album is a major standout. Beat by Jeff and DY Krazy had great showings. All in all I would give this album a 8/10. While there were many standouts, the album seemed to drag on. Some songs could have been cut, but ultimately it wasn’t bad. 

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