These petals of delirium died sweet and with purpose. Their fragrance slaughtered  in acquiesce. That was the pain felt in the night. Nocturnal   actions presented no accountability for any man. Dress up the deceit in the lights, and it’s still spoken with the breathe of vanity. [His skin was shadowed under the moonlight’s halo. He presented himself quietly, a demeanor that was alluring yet daunting. People often in his presence felt cold but conflicted.  You wanted safe passage toward his thoughts and the acceptance from his lips. that hope however seemed unidentifiably thin,  if even in existence. He opened his mouth with hands presented wide. He then Looked around to gather the fragmental pauses of open space. His words arrived gallantly persuasive: “the saddest song isn’t the silence, it’s the choir that prevails after the knife has pierced the heart. It’s the seconds  lost in a blink. forever gone as if it never came’  Rest In Peace to my brother, my friend, my sanctuary, my home. Sleep well, this place is for you


Petals wrapped in moonlight

pain is in the nothing 

Bodies rested calmly 

On the shores of expectation 

On the promise of betterment 

These tears burn red

These scars need sunlight

To heal from the heartache  

We need only ourselves to blame 


To whoever promised light in the darkness, they are thieves. wrapped in crimson rags his body left the earth  in a bloody brigade that found his blackness supple and his eyes dismantling. ] The door broke from the shock of the force thrown by the two figures. Dressed in blue they entered abruptly and menacing. Screams rang in unison through the compound, shuffled movement could be heard as the whispers ensued. “clear”……..“clear”……………”clear” “all clear” “no drugs” radioed the officer. [ blood spilled auspiciously. the walls felt the warmth of his blood start to grow cold, the moonlight glistened on his oaked skin all that remained were his mind’s thoughts.  How the stars felt closer in the last moments, how  each breathe was new life. How every lie he told was even more truthful than he had ever imagined. His spine went cold, his hands lost detail, and his eyes started dreaming as they shut.] 


mhhhh mmhhhh mmmhhh
Feds on the loose 
mhhhh mhhhh mhhhhhhhh
Dracos in church 
mmmhhh Mhhhhh Mmmmh 
I got words that cut 
mmmmmhhhh mhhhhhhhh
Deeper than the heart 
Mhhhhmmmm mmmmhhhhh
I lost more than blood 
mhhhhhh mhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I lost all your trust 
mhhhhhh mhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I lost all your love 
mmhhhhhh mhhhhhhhhhhhh
I lost all there was 
mhhhhhhhh mmmhhhhhhhhh


thievery is the kiss of comfort

shallow nights never lie 

oxygen lessened 

thoughts prevail

as blood drips 

blue menaces the hallways 

in search of a belief 

that never existed 

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