PANDEMIC – Comethazine Review

The St. Louis native Comethazine began to make waves in the rap scene with his tracks titled “Walk” and “Bands”. Bands went viral on Tik Tok and introduced Comethazine to the mainstream. He is often memed on Twitter and IG for being crazy, which from videos you can see this man is definitely interesting, as seen in his music video directed by Cole Bennett. I didn’t come across Comethazine until right before he dropped Bawskee in 2018. I along with one of my best friends, Kris, were hooked on the dude. He is able to weave creative lyricism on ominous trap beats giving him a very intimidating sound. Bawskee 2, dropping in early 2019, had songs like “Nonsense”, “Demar Derozan”, and “How Do You Do?” which were all fire. Then later in 2019, he released Bawskee 3.5 with songs like “Dangerous”, “Hench Mafia” and “Solved The Problem.” On his song Dangerous he has one of my favorite lines off that project being, “UberEATS is arriving in ten, bitch, I’m high with the munchies. Shoutout to Popeyes for keepin’ it crunchy”  That bar is fire. Cometh kept up this same caliber of lyricism on his 2020 release titled “Pandemic”. The 20 minute project is a quick listen but was a lot to unpack. 

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

No Front – Comethazine (Prod. ChildBoy)

The premier track of the project sucks you into the album with an ominous trap beat and a steady flow by Comethazine. The first bar says Comethazone is speaking the truth and not fronting about what’s in his music. Flaunting his wealth creatively by saying, “Filet Mignon, Crab well done.” Unlike the recent project I reviewed by Rich The Kid, Comethazine isn’t just saying he’s gonna buy a Benz Truck every other verse. Although he’s saying the same principle, he says it in this intelligent way. This type of rhyming, imagery, and style is unique to Comethazine. Being the first track it is setting the stage for the other metaphor and simile he uses later on in the album.

Mama’s Glizzy – Comethazine (Prod. ChildBoy)

A “glizzy” is another name for a Glock handgun if you didn’t know. Cometh talks about buying his mother a gun on this track. Thinking deeper into the chorus in this song we can see that this is another creative way he is describing his wealth. Buying his mom a gun for protection could mean she needs it for protection. Maybe because of her son’s wealth or the content of his bars could bring violence to his family. 

Permanent – Comethazine (Prod. ChildBoy)

Easily my favorite track off the project. The third line on this song is fire, “Pop out in Diego, with Sandy no Spongebob.” Just a different breed of lyricism in this line with his play on words with San Diego. The drone in the beat and Comethazine’s rapid flow give the track a fire vibe. He also talks about being the greatest, comparing himself to Biggie and TuPac. This is a little bit of a reach cause he isn’t at that caliber yet. However, his line about convertibles has some crazy juxtaposition, i’ll let you listen to on your own. 

Ambitions – Comethazine (Prod. ChildBoy)

Comethazine humbles himself on this track. In the Intro, he talks about his prior life of trapping and the price of the bail. He then says he gave his life to rapping rather than “Brick Tossin’.” There isn’t really much more to say about this song, it’s short and straight forward.

Blu-Ray – Comethazine (Prod. div & Toom)

The title of this song comes from one of the funniest bars of the entire project in my opinion. Part of the chorus is “Yo bitch see D in her face, I nicknamed her Blu-Ray.” Comparing a woman to a Blu-Ray disc cause she “sees D” is a very creative way to say your girl is for the streets. I also think Comethazine has a very catchy flow on this track and rides the beat very well. And this bar “I park in the handicapped spot ’cause there ain’t a fine I can’t pay, Used to take ankles on blacktops, hoped to be a baller one day, ayy.” These lines come together to create some of the most unique lyrics off the entire project.

Pitbull – Comethazine (Prod. ChildBoy)

This was one of my least favorite songs off the project. I didn’t really like the beat, it was a minimalist trap beat and didn’t really add any flavor to the song. I don’t really have anything else to say on this one. 

Get Out – Comethazine (Prod. div)

“Spent 500 bucks on a tint, it’s darker than dude from Get Out.” In reference to Daniel Kaluuya in Jordan Peele’s award-winning film, Comethazine says his window tint is darker than the black actor. I found this very funny. His chorus asks his fans to spark a blunt and hold up their guns if they are listening. I did one of those while listening and ya boy does not own a strap. Other than the unique Get Out line, this was a typical Comethazine trap song. It was solid. 

Nutted – Comethazine (Prod. Myles William, Flip_00, and div)

Comethazine is speaking to all his male listeners on this song as he raps about post-nut clarity, a time for all men where everything looks a little more clear. He talks about having a relationship with a woman then realizing she isn’t the one for him. He says he sounds picky, he can be it’s his life. 

LEAD THE RACE – Comethazine (Prod. ChildBoy)

This beat is HARD. His lyrics are HARD. This whole song is fire. This bar, “Came a long way from eatin’ the pot pie Now I pull up and cash out on Popeyes W-w-wish I saw life through my pops’ eyes He was a real OG with mob ties He even shot, stabbed and robbed guys Participated in a lot of drive-bys.” I really like the flow he has on these few lines. Again he is reaffirming himself saying everything he raps about is true. If his father was doing all these things, Comethazine probably saw a lot of this and made him mimic his father’s actions. The outro lets the beat play where it cuts out and does a little stutter. An aspect of producing I’ve come to like a lot. You see it on Shotta Flow by NLE Choppa. It adds a nice touch to the production.

Glide – Comethazine (Prod. ChildBoy)

Another standard trap song in my opinion. He does mention some shoes in this song like CP3 13s and 1’s. He also says his fitness plan consists of running to the racks meaning he sees himself as driven by money. 

Plottin’ – Comethazine (Prod. ChildBoy)

On this track, Comethazine is talking directly to his haters and how they are plotting against him, but he has an AK for protection. Meaning if anyone has beef with him they’ll get theirs. Knocking them out of his outfit with his XD. Cometh does not appreciate the slander against his name and this track shows it. 

Gallardo – Comethazine (Prod. div)

Gallardo is the specific type of Lamborghini Comethazine is rapping about. He also mentions his desire to get with Demi Lovato, someone he referenced in one of his older albums. The Italian car as the name of the track sets up Comethazine to talk about Hench Mafia, his label and “mafia” is associated with the Italian Mob. He even talks about the danger of promethazine, where he gets his moniker, and still drinks the drug regardless of the side effects. This is the last song off the album and is a great closer to the project. 

Comethazine showcased his creativity on his debut studio album. While I don’t think there will be many mainstream hits other than maybe Permanent and No Front, that doesn’t mean this was a bad album at all. I really liked this project, not as much as Bawskee 2, but I loved the creativity in his lyrics and flows throughout the project. Also, ChildBoy made some textbook trap instrumentals for the album, with the standout being LEAD THE RACE. I’d give this album a 7.5/10.

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