BigBoyDrum x Donn Blacc

We got the chance to work with Big Boy Drum prior to the Covid-19 outbreak as one of our last shows on The Philly 60 for the shortened season. He previewed his new single Mayday, which unfortunately did not make it onto the Apple Music release of RAGER TAPES. It was one of the harder songs off the extended SoundCloud version of the project. It was also featured as one of DSM’s songs of the week. I’ve given this project three full listens before writing my review. Rager Tapes is a collaboration project between BigBoyDrum and Donn Blacc released under NLB Records.

Rating: 6 out of 10.

Feds Outside

Feds Outside is the first track off the project and it gives light into what you should expect throughout the album. Singing, rapping and ghostly ad libs find their home in this track. I am unaware who produced the song, but the beat was fire and BBDrum and Donn Blacc spit well on the song. I liked Drum’s line about KD and D’Angelo Russell. Also the production that muffled their voice and made it sound distorted like a monster was a very good touch. 


“Me and all my homies popping up like we ISIS” was a fire bar to start the track. The catchy chorus was great. The humming in the track got a little annoying in my opinion. I liked Donn’s verse and the call and response approach taken on the back half of the song. Added some good variation to the track. The guitar sample on the beat was fire. 

Love Me Now

What intrigued me about this song was how the piano and the drum had a polyphonic feel, meaning both the drum and piano sounded like the main melody. The duo are talking about love on this track, obviously by the title, but give a more modern approach to the feeling. Talking about sliding in DMs and such. Which could also be confused with lust. 


Casket is a slap. Other than MayDay and Feds Outside this was my favorite song off the project. The energy in the intro is great. Drum’s ability to make a melody with his voice before the drums come in was a really cool touch. I wish the drums hit a bit harder, the 808s are nice but a heavy kick could have been better. This song only features Drum, but I think Donn is doing some of the ad-libs. This song goes hard. 

Vest On

I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t really like this song. The chorus was good and catchy by Donn Blacc but the verses were just ok. So far this was my least favorite song off the album. 

Super Bowl

Super Bowl was another high energy song off the project. Which I think is another major selling point for the track. The transition between Drum and Donn was solid, they both followed each other’s flows really well. This is another example of the duo writing really good hooks. I don’t want to say the hook completely saved the song but the verses, while they sounded good, didn’t add much lyrically. 


This beat was a major switch up. I really like the slow rapping/singing by Donn following Super Bowl. I was waiting for a slowish song on the album and this was a nice place for it. The production on this song is high-key fire. It is spacy and seems like nothing is correlated, but it works really well. I wish Drum would have followed Donn’s flow on this or did something similar, at least for this kind of beat. The beat was crazy and fast rapping over it kinda took away from the production. This song easily has the most potential off the entire project. Donn killed this track. I would love to hear this song as a full length song by Donn and a slower verse by Drum.


I feel like this song was inspired by Runaway’s outro by Kanye West and a bit of Travis Scott. I really liked the idea; You don’t hear much of it in SoundCloud rap and the execution was great. I just don’t think it fit well on this song. This outro could have been fire on Freeze.


This song grew on me a lot. I really didn’t like it on my first couple listens, but on my third a switch flipped. Donn does a really good job of showing emotion in his lyrics and delivery. BBDrum also had a good verse to build off Donn. The Outro was fire, the production weaves a few piano keys on top of the ominous instrumental and sounded great. 


The trumpet in the instrumental was nice, I believe that’s one of the only trumpet samples on the project. Drum and Donn both pair very well. Drum rapping fast and Donn’s slower R&B juxtaposed each other well on this song. 

Overall, As my first experience listening to both artists I really liked the project. It was a breath of fresh air after my reviews of Rich The Kid and Comethazine. While there are things that could be improved on this album, like lyrics, song order, and switching verses on songs; The project was a good listen. BigBoyDrum I already knew about, but Donn Blacc popped on my radar and I’ll definitely be looking out for new projects by both guys. Rating wise I’d give it a 6/10. The album is very creative in production sense and had great hooks but lyrical verses were a little lacking. Good showing by the two. 

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