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Northeast Philadelphia rapper 2Raree is diversifying Philly’s often grim and gritty sound with a much more bubbly and fun aesthetic.

The teenager is getting serious traction with tracks like “Big Drippa” and “No Brotherly Love”, which have around 500k views on Youtube and “Big Bag” which has one million views on Youtube and over two million on Soundcloud.

However, upon searching for “Big Bag” I noticed that it was missing from both Soundcloud and Spotify. Maybe he will re-release?

2Raree has been featured on Philadelphia’s rap radio station Power 98.9 as well as getting nods from media outlets like and Elevator Magazine.

He’s even gotten some attention from record labels like Alamo Records

Lets blow up his inbox because I think its time that 2rare comes on The Philly 60


Throughout the last year, rap duo 0-4, comprised of West Philadelphia rappers Lil Bucks and 1Mere, has set the city ablaze with tracks like “We Spinnin”, “We Spinnin 2” and “Come Outside”.

The teenagers’ shockingly gruesome lyrics and grungy, rapid-fire deliveries have intoxicated the streets of Philadelphia. Despite their young ages, the two have both had their bouts with legal trouble. In fact, Bucks was released from juvenile detention in late January.

Since his release, 0-4 has dropped two tracks, including “All-Stars” with fellow rap group NR3. The track has over 80,000 views on Youtube in just three weeks.

The two have also collaborated with rising artists like Columbia Records signee SimXSantana, 100Deek, G19, and director Marlissa Monay, to name a few.

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Born Troy Norton, Atlanta native T$AN has been making waves in the Philadelphia rap scene with tracks like “Come Home” and “Japanese Denim”.

The 18-year-old rapper’s autotuned, choppy delivery that often drifts on and off the beat draws comparison to fellow Atlanta native Playboi Carti, while still maintaining originality.

Come Home (Prod. by Logan Not Nice)

The young rapper has performed and collaborated with fellow local talents including Jah$star, Rich Rick, Eli616 and Lil Uzi Vert.

DSM_Erik got to sit down with T$AN30000 for an Episode of the Philly 60. Go check it out under the Philly 60 tab.

He’s also caught the eye of some big names in the up and coming scene including Elevator Magazine, Lyrical Lemonade and Columbia Records, who he signed to in early February.