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Hi, I’m Alex aka DSM_HINESIGHT. A photographer and social media manager with Deep Streets Media.

I am also a graphic design artist with a genuine passion for all things photographic, events, genuine people, and inspiring spaces.

Our roles in DSM are making things simple in everyday life and on a project, as we believe the best products are the results of exceptional preparation.

No matter the size of the project we will always bring the same dedication and passion to each and every job.

It’s our priority to make sure everyone goes home highly satisfied so let’s connect for a magnificent experience!


My name is BRDG (pronounced Bridge) and I am a senior at Temple University.

I am a producer, musician, and artist in every perceived way. I started my company BRDG Productions as a means of spreading my love of music to the world. 

My goal in music has always been to bring people out of the moment their in and immerse them in my world. I have worked with XXL, Defjam, and i work as an in-house producer/writer for Hypefresh Magazine. With aspirations that can’t be measured I know that Deep Street Media can get me there. 

“Be Real Die Great” – BRDG

We are nothing if we are not true to ourselves. We can not be true to ourselves if we don’t follow our dreams. And our dreams can’t come to life if we don’t take any risks and trust me when I say I’m ready to risk it all. 

I am skilled in audio production, writing and creative direction. Only thing I ask of anyone looking to work with me is that your mind is open and your gear is on DRIVE!

If you want to get to know me further or if you’re ready to go to work you can email or call me at the following:

(202) 550-4732


My name is Dennis Tate-Lajeunesse

I’m 23-years-old from Doylestown, PA.  I am a writer, producer, artist, musician, entrepreneur and designer. I studied Music Production for 3 years at Temple University in Philadelphia. 

I joined DSM as a creative design partner to help cultivate creativity while aligning with DSM’s vision of innovation and precision. I assist in event planning and focus on how to spread the brand’s message in a strong, smooth, professional way. 

Faith Over Diamonds, my personal brand is a collaborative brainchild that uses braille as a three dimensional expresser of art. Using music, visuals and writing, it has the ability to be seen, heard and appreciated in a multitude of applications and is not limited to just one creative space. My music is alternative, lofi, and dark trap.

My ultimate goal is to take trap into more of a songwriter’s space with minimalist production that relies on crafting a story and creating a message.

Professionally, I have worked for Sounds Like Soma in South Philly as a producer and bringing in my own content to work on. There I have met different types of artists with different brands that have inspired me to branch out into new, alternative creative spaces and craft a vision unlike anything ever done before. 

“DSM will be bigger than music”

-Dennis Tate-Lajeunesse


My name is Avi Cantor and I’m a freshman communication studies major at Temple University. 

Since getting into Philadelphia underground legends Kur, Quilly and Omelly in 7th grade, I’ve made it a point to find artists who are underrecognized and support their music.

As a senior at Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, I started a social media promotional platform called Bass Boosted Media that exposed artists I saw serious potential in to a teenage audience. I was able to promote artists like King Von, NLE Choppa, Lil Tecca, SimXSantana, Stunna 4 Vegas, Dababy and Don Toliver well before their rise to fame.

I’m skilled in writing, advertising, promotion, and am developing skills in graphic design.

For me, DSM is a way for me to use my skills to promote rappers that should be getting more attention than they are. I also want to make connections to both artists and industry professionals in the hopes of possibly pursuing a career in the music industry. 

For inquiries about promotion, writing or graphic design work, please contact me via:

Instagram: @avcantor

Phone: 215-485-2326



My name is Kyle Broaddus, a.k.a. “loosechange” or”LC”, and I am a senior at Temple University studying media production.

I am a producer, and engineer. I am a true creative and love to collaborate. While my skills lie mostly in music production, I am down to create and collaborate in any form of media.

I met DSM co-founder, Erik Coombs, through a music business club at Temple, and the rest is history. I joined Deep Streets Media via the Philly 60 for which I shoot video. From there, I branched out into Deep Streets Music, which represents DSM’s talented artists and producers.

All of us at DSM are hungry to produce greatness with collaboration as a prerequisite. Feel free to contact me if you would like to work, especially if you are interested in being on The Philly 60 and/or book studio time.



To start of iGobySK, Nice to meet you..!

I am a recording Artist from the Heart of North Philadelphia, PA. I started my journey as an artist in music officially on wax in February of 2016. Over the time I accumulated over 11,000 views on SoundCloud where I dropped my first ever single releases. I reached 19 songs in total before I branched out and started uploading music elsewhere on streaming platforms such as YouTube and others. You can find me on all Social Media and Music Platforms @iGobySK.
I am also a Creative Director representing the DSM team. DSM started with four associates who grew to be friends and soon became business partners towards the end of 2019. We are growing each day as a bigger team & productions.
Music is my passion and marketing the art is my Game. Not only for the music but all things entertainment. Deepstreetsmedia is home to all media and Family to All!

– iGobySK


My name is Shemar Moore and I’m a Junior Electromechanical Engineering Major at Temple University.

I am a multidisciplinary creative specializing in music composition, production, and digital design.

Regardless of the medium, my work seeks to emphasize the meticulous nature of design.

Through working as part of the Deep Streets Media Collective, I was able to place my talents to good use and capitalize on opportunities to work with other passionate artists.

“What I want to explain to everybody out there is, like, I make music. I can do it but I shouldn’t be limited to one place of creativity.” – Kanye West

I am skilled in music production, art direction, and multi-dimensional design. If you’re interested in linking to work my contact info is below!

Contact Info:


My name is Nick Tuverson and I am a Sophomore Advertising Major at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication.

Last year I partnered with my current business partner, Erik Coombs, and began pushing Deep Streets Media to where it is today.

Through the art of networking I have had the pleasure of working with some emerging stars, big name artists, and many different people in the industry. Some of which include Dave East, Yvng Swag, Mr. Swipey, Dyl Rhodes, Yellow Zoo and Project 2one5.

I began shooting for Deep Streets Media’s The Philly 60 and have done other work partnered with Route Runna Management.

I am skilled in photography, advertising and writing.

DSM, for me, is a space where I can be creative and help others be creative as well. Art and Music are one in the same, DSM has helped me weave the two together.

If you looking to link up and do work please contact me via:

Phone: 610-213-0549

Instagram: @DSM_Nickk

Stay blessed y’all!


Producer | Photographer | Personality

My name is Erik Coombs and I am a Sophomore at Temple University studying Media Studies and Production.

In my Professional Career, I have taken every opportunity to be creative. I created Deep Streets Media as a platform so I could publish all the stuff I was creating both personally and in the workplace.

Through DSM, I started to meet a-lot of new people and learned that my true talent is in media marketing. As a result, Deep Streets Media turned into something much more than a page on instagram, it turned into a movement where people could come could come together and create.

“Far too often does talent go un-noticed, I just want to give a platform to those people who don’t normally get a voice”

Erik Coombs on The Philly 60

I would not have been able to make DSM what is today without the support of my friends. I am proud of the fact that I can surround myself with creatives and we can all work together towards a common goal.

I am skilled in video production, photography and design however my greatest strength is in building connections. I want to make my skills and knowledge available to anyone who would like to collaborate!

It is important for me to build lasting relationships with each person I meet. My main goal with Deep Streets Media is to open a new way to get involved in emergent media! We are constantly looking for more people to help!

You can contact me here if you would like to get involved in DSM, or send me a text if you just want to be friends!

Also, feel free to checkout my resumé!