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Trust Issues Music Video

Tae 2one5 called me out of nowhere one day and asked me to shoot a video. It was nice out so I thought why not!

This song is all about trust issues so I thought it would be interesting since it was so nice out to make the sky thunder in the background. That way you really can start to have some trust issues of your own when you watch the video!

I always love to see an idea come together so well with no plan. Please let me know what you thought of the video by leaving a comment below!

If you would like me to shoot your next video email me and we will set it up deepstreetsmedia@gmail or send me a message over instagram .

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Filmed by LC 😤

Yo! DSM_LC here, check out some of my favorite work I’ve done for The Philly 60! Don’t forget to subscribe to DSM on YouTube!

These ladies were all class 👏Check out Verbosity!
How talented is this guy!? Shoutout Tae for this great moment.
To this day, this freestyle is stuck in my head! Shoutout Zef!
This was my favorite interview segment to date. These bulls had me cracking up all afternoon. Shoutout Drum and Dyon!

Yellow Zoo Temple U Tour

Yellow Zoo came to Temple University on a promotional tour with Yvng Swag. In 2019, Yellow Zoo broke 300k streams on Spotify; A major accomplishment in this young artists career. Zoo does it all. He raps, produces and is a talented videographer. Below are the photos I took from his Temple University Tour. Check Deep Streets Media on Instagram or click here to be sent back to the home page to see more of our content! Enjoy!

– Nick (DSM_Nickk)

Mr. Swipey Temple U Tour

You know who Mr. Swipey is? He’s a rising star in the rap community. He has been featured in works with Fivio Foreign and French Montana to name a few. Photos below are from his promotional tour at Temple University hosted by Route Runna Management. For more check Deep Streets Media on Instagram. Enjoy! – Nick (DSM_Nickk)

YVNG SWAG Temple U Tour

You read it correctly. Wild ‘N Out‘s own Yvng Swag was at Temple University. He has been on countless episodes of the hit MTV show! Photos taken by DSM_Nickk of Yvng Swag‘s Temple University Tour hosted by Route Runna Management. For more check the Deep Streets Media Instagram.