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Taythedxn has been heating up IGTV with his newest album trailer featuring his newest song NX ONE KNOWS.

Tay is known for his impressive vocals as he grabs our attention with this stunning visual. Tay told me that he took inspiration from After Hours from The Weeknd and after watching the visual I can see how well it fits.

Tay had a-lot of things halted due to the Pandemic. However, that has not slowed him down as an artist. He is doing his best to stay strong and continue to give music out to his fans.

Due to this impressive album trailer, Tay deserves the spot on DSM’s song of the week. Make sure you stay tuned to see when he will drop the album!

Oh That’s Cool

The lead song off of North Philadelphia rapper Kur’s new EP “Young 79”, “Oh That’s Cool”, is an introspective track that mixes short melodic vocal riffs with Kur’s signature pack-punching flow.

Kur’s first verse details his struggles with drug abuse, balancing being paranoid and unattached to the women in his life, and the fake love that he’s received from his family and friends.

The chorus of the track sees the rapper disassociating himself from the fake flexing he sees from the people around him.

Photo Credit: XXL Magazine

Kur finishes the track by immortalizing his lost loved ones and family members he’s lost but never met.

The EP dropped on April 9th and has already crept its way into the hearts and minds of his ride or die fan base. Check out “Young 79” now on all platforms!!

No Lack

Philadelphia rappers Heem Sosa and Zahsosaa team up for “NO LACK”, a track that’s instantly infectious from the second the beat begins.

Sosaa starts off the track with a rapid-fire flow that strays from his usually melodic delivery. Despite this, his unapologetic paper chasing lyrics work perfectly with this switch up.

The 17-year-old rapper is best known for his songs “Never Switch”, “Checks” and “Humble”, all of which have a very bubbly, fun vibe that strays significantly from “NO LACK”.

Heem Sosa follows up Zahsosaa’s verse with an abrasive, in your face flow that cements this track as a surefire hit. Sosa’s flow is what helped propel his most notable song “Expose You” to over 500k views on Youtube.

The video for both tracks was made by heavyweight director Marlissa Monay.

Check it out on Youtube today!


After alot of trials and tribulations, Big Boy Drum and Donaven were able to drop their partner project RAGER TAPES .

Since working with Drum, I have been able to listen to most of the music on Rager Tapes before it was released and there was one to me that stood out above the rest.

Mayday has the perfect mix of dark trap and high energy. DSM got to hear the song first on an episode of The Philly 60, check it out below!

We got to talk about how the song was created. According to Drum, Mayday only took about 20-30 minutes to record. He wanted to have fun with it but not overthink it.

Play Mayday on all streaming platforms. You can find rest of RAGER TAPES now on sound-cloud.

Supposed to Be

Off of Zef Marcelo’s follow up 22 track album Rockstar 2 exists a song that is hands down an absolute banger.

Supposed to Be is a perfect example of Zef’s lyrical ability along with his vocal range coming together to create some heat. I mean I guess thats how its supposed to be!

This song features KOP Simba, who is another popular lyricist outside of Philadelphia.

“Only know one thing is how to add it up, little pretty brown thing and she bad as f***”

I have gotten the chance to speak to Zef multiple times and I have to say that his two favorite things have to be gettin paid and his pookie. It is clear that the same message is apparent in his song.

Zef Marcelo is my favorite artist out of Philly because his energy is unmatchable. Even though he has caught some clout he never misses the chance to show support to all of his fans.

Zef has been a good friend of DSM for some time now and was interviewed on The Philly 60 twice! You can watch his interview with Zef and Tae 2one5 here.

Make sure you keep an eye on Zef as he will continue to be posting new fire weekly. He is definitely an artist you want to keep an eye on!

You can give Zeff a follow on Instagram by clicking that button! Comment on his most recent post and say DSM sent you!!!

Baby Shark

Why $loan and Skiano’s “Baby Shark” is a stroke of genius

Throughout the past year, West Philadelphia duo $loan and Skiano have become household names in the Philly underground scene with tracks like “Wolf N’ Demon”, “Back At It”, and “Sticked Up Glicked Up”.

Their trademark raspy flow is borderline demonic and their usually ominous, bass heavy beats have captivated fans. However, their most recent release couldn’t deviate more from their normal style. 

In theory, this song should make no sense. The beat, produced by Dj Tizz, samples the viral sensation “Baby Shark” while $loan and Skiano build up the beat drops with ridiculous chants like “I need a chewbop” and their trademark “hah hold that shit”.

In addition, the duo’s gun slinging lyrics don’t match the family friendly theme of a call and response kids song. But somehow, this song is nothing short of infectious.

Dj Tizz flips the song into a Philly club anthem and paired with a Tayy Official directed video that’s so lively even the white guy in a suit is dancing. This song is nothing short of a thrill ride.

In just under two weeks, the song already has nearly 300k views on Youtube and another 156k plays on Soundcloud. Kids all around Philly are blowing up social media with dance videos set to the new song.