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New Music Video – DASH MYLO “DA 6IX”

Dash Mylo comes out with a brand new music video for his recently released song “DA 6IX”

The video was shot by DSM_Erik who said that he thought the cinematic feel really helped to show Dash’s expressions throughout the video.

This song is all about showing love for the ones who have been around you since day 1, and representing your home. Make sure you stream it sound-cloud and add it to your playlist!

Oh That’s Cool

The lead song off of North Philadelphia rapper Kur’s new EP “Young 79”, “Oh That’s Cool”, is an introspective track that mixes short melodic vocal riffs with Kur’s signature pack-punching flow.

Kur’s first verse details his struggles with drug abuse, balancing being paranoid and unattached to the women in his life, and the fake love that he’s received from his family and friends.

The chorus of the track sees the rapper disassociating himself from the fake flexing he sees from the people around him.

Photo Credit: XXL Magazine

Kur finishes the track by immortalizing his lost loved ones and family members he’s lost but never met.

The EP dropped on April 9th and has already crept its way into the hearts and minds of his ride or die fan base. Check out “Young 79” now on all platforms!!