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No Lack

Philadelphia rappers Heem Sosa and Zahsosaa team up for “NO LACK”, a track that’s instantly infectious from the second the beat begins.

Sosaa starts off the track with a rapid-fire flow that strays from his usually melodic delivery. Despite this, his unapologetic paper chasing lyrics work perfectly with this switch up.

The 17-year-old rapper is best known for his songs “Never Switch”, “Checks” and “Humble”, all of which have a very bubbly, fun vibe that strays significantly from “NO LACK”.

Heem Sosa follows up Zahsosaa’s verse with an abrasive, in your face flow that cements this track as a surefire hit. Sosa’s flow is what helped propel his most notable song “Expose You” to over 500k views on Youtube.

The video for both tracks was made by heavyweight director Marlissa Monay.

Check it out on Youtube today!