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After alot of trials and tribulations, Big Boy Drum and Donaven were able to drop their partner project RAGER TAPES .

Since working with Drum, I have been able to listen to most of the music on Rager Tapes before it was released and there was one to me that stood out above the rest.

Mayday has the perfect mix of dark trap and high energy. DSM got to hear the song first on an episode of The Philly 60, check it out below!

We got to talk about how the song was created. According to Drum, Mayday only took about 20-30 minutes to record. He wanted to have fun with it but not overthink it.

Play Mayday on all streaming platforms. You can find rest of RAGER TAPES now on sound-cloud.

Dyon X Big Boy Drum


Dyon Taylor-Myers is a rapper hailing from Chambersburg PA. He is close to mainstream rapper Lil Skies, and has made a project with Skies little brother, Kamrin Houser. Some of his other collaborations have been with Wifisfuneral, Modson and Danny Towers.

Although he has worked with some big names, Dyon is proud of his ability to be unique and wants to use his platform to deliver a clear and powerful message.

“we’re all about giving back to PA and coming together with other PA artists”

Upon first listening to his music, you can see the influences he has had from his mainstream friends. However, don’t let that fool you. Dyon is much more than what he seems!

Dyon has been in the music game for about 11 years and shows no sign of stopping!

Dyon told me in a text message that he has a lot in store and is ready to take his music career to the next level. I will be asking him some questions about his new project during The Philly 60 so make sure you tune in!

“this upcoming one (project) really my breakthrough one and were just trying to get as many people involved as possible we really believe this ones going to be the one to take things to the next level”

On the other hand, Big Boy Drum is an artist fresh out of Trenton NJ. Aside from being an Artist, Drum has proven himself to be to be a spokesperson not only in his community, but also in his city.

Drum is a part of NLB records and plans to continue his music journey with his day ones. Drum also comes from a musical family so its no surprise that he can make some fire!

“I come from a family of hard work”

Drum let me know that although he is talented, it is the hard work that makes him special. I will be asking him in more detail about his work ethic during the show so make sure you tune in!

Drum is someone to keep an eye on. He has played me some of his music and I have to admit, it has been on repeat on my headphones ever since. This man has got his sound on lock and he is ready to share it with the world!

His music leaves me a little speechless, thats all I can really say. I hope this isn’t the case when it comes to showtime!

We will be going more in depth about Drum’s music during the show so make sure you tune in on the 11th at 3:00!


“The Verbs”

A Hip-hop/R&b trio based out of Philadelphia uniquely fusing rapping and singing into a musical collage of intellectual lyrics with an urban twist. Verbosity are three childhood friends merging together for a common good – “Music”. Individually, they are Macky Monea, Niyah Iman and Breezii Lashayee. In the beginning, there was no exact plan of action, just three sisters with similar desires to be a part of and make a difference in today’s music.

Influenced by their parents to make education a priority in whatever direction they chose to go in. Verbosity equally shared the thought of rapping and singing about subjects that would impact their public in positive and thought-provoking ways.

Verbosity has performed throughout Philadelphia and the Tri State area, taking pride in being able to connect with audiences of various age demographics. Verbosity is currently working on their first EP project, to be exposed soon.

Their new single “Temptation” from the upcoming project is available now on all major platforms. Verbosity has donated performance time, and volunteered service for causes throughout the community to make a difference.

It’s nothing like being yourself and people loving you for it – “Verbosity”.

DSM_Erik gave the girls a chance to ask him some questions, check it out!

For additional information on bookings, music and appearances head over to www.Verbositybmn.com or contact Verbositybmn3@gmail.com ;